We are the leading Ecommerce Digital Marketing Agency using latest AI tools providing search engine optimization, UI/UIX design, social media marketing, paid advertisement and content management.

Our Services

AI Data Analysis

Expert Analysis Enhcanced with the best AI on the market brings us the most competent information on the current market and allows us to navigate changes in trends and keywords as well as paid advertising audiences

AI tool Integration

Integrating AI into business is crucial for all business that want to stay ahead of competition, because soon enough, the one's who don't will fall behind.

Sales Optimization

We Analyse whole Business proccess and find the best sollutions to reduce Business Costs by Automating proccesses and optimizing or changing software systems


We'll elevate your brand's online presence, drive targeted traffic, generate leads, and maximize conversions, all while fueling your business's unstoppable growth and securing a strong return on investment


Elevate your website's search engine rankings with our expert AI-Enchanced SEO strategies, driving high-quality organic traffic, increasing online visibility, and ultimately fueling your business growth by connecting you with your ideal customers

Message Marketing

Harness the full potential of SMS and email marketing to effectively communicate with your audience, foster lasting relationships, and increase customer loyalty, all while driving conversions and boosting your business's bottom line

The Team

Rytis Kunigiskis

Marketing & ICT Manager

Dziugas Azuolas

Growth & Performance Marketing

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